My two cents on #MeToo

First of all, its important that we understand that asking for sexual favours from juniors or people that need you/your services is about power play. It’s not about the gender.
It is critical to understand here that any form of sexual harassment almost always leaves a scar on the psyche of the individual. It is not a trivial issue. I have not been subject to any sexual abuse because it never came my way  – and here are some reasons for it:
  1. I was plain lucky
  2. Point 1
  3. Point 2
And that’s about it. The above logic does not –  give me the right to rebuke a victim; make me a super woman or make me judgemental about those that have been victimised. People – please be empathetic enough to not at least harass the victim here, irrespective of their age, financial status, gender or circumstances. Please understand that the victims of sexual harassment are in any case a lonely lot – they have no voice. We all know of hundreds of cases where fathers and mothers have asked their children to keep quiet in order to protect the ‘honour’ of the family ! Daughters were shushed and sons were never believed. Just imagine their plight… It must have been so painful…

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