Learn to keep the glass down…

As an adult, one of my favourite stories of all times has been about learning to put the glass down. It has changed my life and made it more liveable and happy.


Here’s the story –

You have to hold a glass full of water in your hand. As we all know, it hardly has any weight. Hold it for 30 minutes and you can hardly feel the weight. But if you hold it for 48 hours at a stretch – you may require medical attention. What this means is that we all have some burdens, issues to carry in our daily lives – they could be as small as the driver not turning up or as big as losing a child – if you don’t learn to put it down, you could end up in rehab. We all have something to carry, hence this is applicable to all of us.

In my limited years of experience, I have understood that managing ’the’ burden is almost directly proportionate to how often you put it down. Some of us just don’t know when it becomes a part of us and we carry it around everywhere – at all times. Eventually, it may just weigh us down completely…

That’s when the idea of putting the glass down starts to make sense. By putting it down – I mean take breaks. You could take a break to watch your fav show for 30 minutes, play an online game, go golfing, read a book – anything that temporarily takes your mind off your troubles. Develop an interest that involves only you and is doable even at 3am !

Recently, when I was going through a very painful divorce – it took away all my physical and mental bandwidth. Life was changing uncontrollably fast socially, mentally, emotionally, culturally, and worst of all financially. I was unprepared and was finding it difficult to cope… My day in the court would often be detailed to well meaning friends and family… It was exhausting yet I felt cared for and protected. And they all were extremely patient in hearing me rant and cry buckets. One day, after a particularly rough day in the court, my uncle told me – ”Its 4pm. Have lunch now and when I leave, you will not discuss any of this with anybody. Take a break. And try to be a normal family.”

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