The Other Woman Is Not Your Husband!

If your husband has an affair with someone else, you need to take him to task, not the other woman. She does not owe you. HE does.

Yes ladies, listen up. It is possible that this word would have hit you, sometimes ripping the heart beyond repair. It sucks, it hurts, it’s unbearable and it takes away that one thing – your confidence.

And heaven help if there is a marriage at stake.

In this post, I am just addressing the issue of the husband being adulterous. Blame games aplenty, some typically standard stuff – he fell out of love, 7 year itch, 10 year itch, 12 year itch, she couldn’t control him, men will be men, she never gave him time, she was working, she is fat etc etc. It doesn’t really matter.

When the wife has gotten her share of sympathy and/or blame from friends, relatives, and neighbours, she is finally asked to confront, threaten, plead, beg for her husband – from the other woman. It’s so painful for me to hear that!

Wives, hear this: the other woman owes you nothing. Period. She is supposed to think of what she is getting out of this ‘unfortunately caught’ affair with your husband. Why would she think about you, or the kids, or the family?

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