Some snippets of my learnings from life – Part I

This post has taken ages to materialise… Experience is a good teacher…


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Maturity is when you know that :

– its okay if the one you love doesn’t love you back

– your journey is yours and no matter how close people are to you, they have their own journeys

– love is mortal

– unconditional love is immortal

– listening seems worthwhile

– people are human at the end of the day; regardless of stature, gender, age, geography

– winning battles has no correlation to winning the war

– some things are not meant to be and its liberating and empowering to accept it

– empathy is the greatest virtue of all

– there is a reason that ‘now’ is called the ‘present’

– forgiving is easier than forgetting

– to cry is a show of strength

– in relationships, a heart full of love is more endearing than a head full of logic

– there are no free lunches

– charity is something that you do for yourself

– a smile can change your destiny

– true love makes you rise

– hugs work like people, the more the merrier

– gratitude is a worthy trait

– the body may not know but the soul knows, every darn time

– it’s okay to be the moon and not the sun; there is beauty and joy in both

– emotions are neutral, they make us human


Ritika Singh
CEO & Founder – Kontent Factory
Co-Founder – Applyifi


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Some snippets of my learnings from life – Part II

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming response to my earlier post…

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Here are a few more lessons from life –

Touch therapy is a thing – and it works

Religion teaches control over the self, not others – its personal

Love like you have never loved before, but never ever destroy the self

Believe in God, and remember that only hard work gets his attention

Accept that this is not your time, and work like the devil to ensure that it comes

Morals and ethics are non-negotiable, they define your character

Judging is for losers

Humour and wit are super sexy

What worked for your best friend will, in all probability, not work for you – problems and solutions are contextual

There are more fish in the sea

Train your mind to focus on what you like in a person

Invest in your relationships – there are no bad investments here

Listen to understand and comprehend, not just reply

Confidence comes from knowledge and what you do with it

‘You haven’t changed at all’ is NOT a compliment

Nanak dukhiya sab sansaar – be kind and empathetic

Always always have a mentor

Learn to disconnect – temporarily and permanently

Physical beauty is overrated

Your children must have friends who have similar value systems

There are no right or wrong decisions in life – only informed ones

Music is the universal language of the heart

Stories sell – have a good one to narrate

Adopt a cause – and stick to it

Money buys comfort and sometimes that’s all you need

Always buy good shoes

Ritika Singh
CEO & Founder – Kontent Factory
Co-Founder – Applyifi

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The Other Woman Is Not Your Husband!

If your husband has an affair with someone else, you need to take him to task, not the other woman. She does not owe you. HE does.

Yes ladies, listen up. It is possible that this word would have hit you, sometimes ripping the heart beyond repair. It sucks, it hurts, it’s unbearable and it takes away that one thing – your confidence.

And heaven help if there is a marriage at stake.

In this post, I am just addressing the issue of the husband being adulterous. Blame games aplenty, some typically standard stuff – he fell out of love, 7 year itch, 10 year itch, 12 year itch, she couldn’t control him, men will be men, she never gave him time, she was working, she is fat etc etc. It doesn’t really matter.

When the wife has gotten her share of sympathy and/or blame from friends, relatives, and neighbours, she is finally asked to confront, threaten, plead, beg for her husband – from the other woman. It’s so painful for me to hear that!

Wives, hear this: the other woman owes you nothing. Period. She is supposed to think of what she is getting out of this ‘unfortunately caught’ affair with your husband. Why would she think about you, or the kids, or the family?

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Some snippets of my learnings from life – Part III

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Always take the side of the underdog

Be shameless in asking for help, but always remember the ones that helped you

When in pain or hurting, take your time to recover. Don’t try and be a hero.

Always have your signature scent, and wear it to bed often 🙂

Life is not a coin with two sides, its usually a kaleidoscope

Tell your kids to take risks when you are around – not when they are out all alone! Even if they want to drink and pass out – let it be under your watch

For God’s sake please don’t expect someone to come into your life to ‘complete you’ – this one is deep, pls reflect accordingly

Try and look at people as humans with strengths and weaknesses

Humanism is the religion of the future

Learn to drive – all kinds of vehicles

Social media is the new opium of the masses

Playing victim is easy and cowardly

Sometimes even two good people don’t get along – and that’s okay

To have fun with yourself – be your own devils advocate. You will know something you didn’t before !

Don’t let your children grow up with a sense of obligation. If you have your parenting right – they will care. And if they don’t – it’s your bad luck. Deal with it gracefully.

If the internet hasn’t made you understand that there is so much more to life, you need a new life!

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Some snippets of my learnings from life – Part IV

And I am back – with more snippets on life…


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When your friends open businesses – support them by NOT asking for discounts 🙂

The keyword in life is balance

Everyone above 60 please note – there is a difference in being childish and being childlike

The world does not owe you anything – so stop cribbing and move your butt

To be happy – sometimes you have to fake it till you make it

Walk in the rain – it can be soul cleansing

When you go to meet someone who is sick, please don’t overdress and for gods sake don’t start listing your own medical troubles – just DON’T ! Just listen – it’s all they want

Never hold a grudge against a friend who puts their family and kids before you … learn from them instead

If you can make 5 people smile everyday – I guarantee a good nights sleep

To all my girlfriends – “all men are not the same – some of them don’t want to sleep with you at all. Never ever let them go…”

Once, just once – dance in a public place where you are the only one dancing 😀

Apologising is not being weak; it means two things – the relationship is more important and you sleep better…

Recognise the energy vampires in your life – they suck everything out of you.

Its good to shake things up in your routine once in a while

Keep bright chirpy positive voices/people handy – they energise you more than a truckload of Bournvita !

Seek out your twinflame – the effort will be worth it !!

Swearing is badass – its not everyones game…

Get a tattoo – and live to regret it if you have to 

Ritika Singh
CEO & Founder – Kontent Factory
Co-Founder – Applyifi

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Learn to keep the glass down…

As an adult, one of my favourite stories of all times has been about learning to put the glass down. It has changed my life and made it more liveable and happy.


Here’s the story –

You have to hold a glass full of water in your hand. As we all know, it hardly has any weight. Hold it for 30 minutes and you can hardly feel the weight. But if you hold it for 48 hours at a stretch – you may require medical attention. What this means is that we all have some burdens, issues to carry in our daily lives – they could be as small as the driver not turning up or as big as losing a child – if you don’t learn to put it down, you could end up in rehab. We all have something to carry, hence this is applicable to all of us.

In my limited years of experience, I have understood that managing ’the’ burden is almost directly proportionate to how often you put it down. Some of us just don’t know when it becomes a part of us and we carry it around everywhere – at all times. Eventually, it may just weigh us down completely…

That’s when the idea of putting the glass down starts to make sense. By putting it down – I mean take breaks. You could take a break to watch your fav show for 30 minutes, play an online game, go golfing, read a book – anything that temporarily takes your mind off your troubles. Develop an interest that involves only you and is doable even at 3am !

Recently, when I was going through a very painful divorce – it took away all my physical and mental bandwidth. Life was changing uncontrollably fast socially, mentally, emotionally, culturally, and worst of all financially. I was unprepared and was finding it difficult to cope… My day in the court would often be detailed to well meaning friends and family… It was exhausting yet I felt cared for and protected. And they all were extremely patient in hearing me rant and cry buckets. One day, after a particularly rough day in the court, my uncle told me – ”Its 4pm. Have lunch now and when I leave, you will not discuss any of this with anybody. Take a break. And try to be a normal family.”

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I exist too much !!

There she is. . . the “too much” woman.
The one who loves too hard, feels too deeply, asks too often, desires too much.
There she is taking up too much space, with her laughter, her curves, her honesty, her sexuality. Her presence is as tall as a tree, as wide as a mountain. Her energy occupies every crevice of the room. Too much space she takes.
There she is causing a ruckus with her persistent wanting, too much wanting. She desires a lot, wants everything—too much happiness, too much alone time, too much pleasure. She’ll go through brimstone, murky river, and hellfire to get it. She’ll risk all to quell the longings of her heart and body. This makes her dangerous.She is dangerous.

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My two cents on #MeToo

First of all, its important that we understand that asking for sexual favours from juniors or people that need you/your services is about power play. It’s not about the gender.
It is critical to understand here that any form of sexual harassment almost always leaves a scar on the psyche of the individual. It is not a trivial issue. I have not been subject to any sexual abuse because it never came my way  – and here are some reasons for it:
  1. I was plain lucky
  2. Point 1
  3. Point 2
And that’s about it. The above logic does not –  give me the right to rebuke a victim; make me a super woman or make me judgemental about those that have been victimised. People – please be empathetic enough to not at least harass the victim here, irrespective of their age, financial status, gender or circumstances. Please understand that the victims of sexual harassment are in any case a lonely lot – they have no voice. We all know of hundreds of cases where fathers and mothers have asked their children to keep quiet in order to protect the ‘honour’ of the family ! Daughters were shushed and sons were never believed. Just imagine their plight… It must have been so painful…

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