Some snippets of my learnings from life – Part IV

And I am back – with more snippets on life…


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When your friends open businesses – support them by NOT asking for discounts 🙂

The keyword in life is balance

Everyone above 60 please note – there is a difference in being childish and being childlike

The world does not owe you anything – so stop cribbing and move your butt

To be happy – sometimes you have to fake it till you make it

Walk in the rain – it can be soul cleansing

When you go to meet someone who is sick, please don’t overdress and for gods sake don’t start listing your own medical troubles – just DON’T ! Just listen – it’s all they want

Never hold a grudge against a friend who puts their family and kids before you … learn from them instead

If you can make 5 people smile everyday – I guarantee a good nights sleep

To all my girlfriends – “all men are not the same – some of them don’t want to sleep with you at all. Never ever let them go…”

Once, just once – dance in a public place where you are the only one dancing 😀

Apologising is not being weak; it means two things – the relationship is more important and you sleep better…

Recognise the energy vampires in your life – they suck everything out of you.

Its good to shake things up in your routine once in a while

Keep bright chirpy positive voices/people handy – they energise you more than a truckload of Bournvita !

Seek out your twinflame – the effort will be worth it !!

Swearing is badass – its not everyones game…

Get a tattoo – and live to regret it if you have to 

Ritika Singh
CEO & Founder – Kontent Factory
Co-Founder – Applyifi

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