The Atlantic Council is a non-profit, non-partisan foreign policy think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C. and formerly chaired by current Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

Now in its 50th year, the Council is applying its founders vision to a broad spectrum of modern global challenges by engaging stakeholders around the world.

The Council regularly convenes global leaders, with recent events including President Bill Clinton, Bono, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, HRH Prince Harry of Wales, and many others.

The Council’s Young Atlanticist program, which administers Startup Dosti, is dedicated to identifying, connecting, and providing the next generation of global leaders with a platform for open dialogue and access to unique professional opportunities.

Click here to visit Atlantic Council’s website

Here’s what we do for The Atlantic Council

  • We designed and now manage the website for Startup Dosti, the Indo-akistan Business Plan Competition promoted by the Atlantic Council
  • We manage the social media profiles for Startup Dosti – daily updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc
  • We organize and manage webinars
  • We are managing the engagement with CNBC India
  • We manage the outreach and engagement with partners for the Startup Dosti program
  • We manage the applications and interactions with judges

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