kontent Factory helps brands manage their outreach programs

kontent Factory helps brands create, nurture and strengthen their brand equity through content, outreach, PR and engagement through mainline & online media, social media and online forums.

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Why can’t clients do this on their own?

Of course they can. It’s no rocket science. It’s just not their business to develop content and post content on  online properties.

Our clients find it more productive to focus on their core business, and therefore they leave the outreach and content generation and content population to us.

How can content and outreach benefit your brand?

1) Establishing thought leadership

Writing & posting regularly on forums relevant to your audiences and in online & print media positions a brand/person as a subject matter expert. We often assume, and most often rightly so, that a person writing content is an expert about what he/she is writing about. More than traditional PR, content driven strategy helps better establish and strengthen brand equity.

Think about it. It creates a favourable perception about your brand. 

2) Building communities

The online world allows you to create followers or communities that you can reach your messages regularly to.

Relevance, meaningfulness and regularity of posting content helps build communities. It takes time. But that’s the only way you can do it. (And no, buying ‘likes’ is NOT the same thing as developing a hard-earned  organic community.)

Note: Not many will visit your blog (Which was the last blog you visited?). People consume content from your blog on their LinkedIn, Facebook and online media feeds. 

3) Impacting business

Answering questions on relevant forums is a good way of establishing connect with potential customers. (How do we know they are potential customers? Well, why else would someone ask questions on industry forums?). Similarly, newsletters, digital magazines etc. are very efficient mediums of reaching out to potential customers with articles and content that establish your expertise and experience in your domain.

And its not just customers. You get noticed by potential vendors, employees, bankers, i-bankers, investors and even media. 

To know what we can do for you, write to us at ritika@kontentfactory.in

8 thoughts on “kontent Factory helps brands manage their outreach programs

  1. Hi!
    I’m resident of’the tricity’ would like to join your clan. Please elaborate the procedure to apply for the same.

  2. Dear Mam,
    I would like to be associated with your firm as it opens doorway for budding writers like us. I would be grateful, if you could provide the essential details so that I may initiate the work process.
    Shivani Tanwar

  3. Hello Ma’am,
    I read about your journey and felt really inspired by your work & thought process. I would love to be associated with your firm. Can you please tell me how to apply for the same?
    Tuhina Sihota

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